What Is Engineering?

Encompassing a variety of specialties, engineering is a growing industry that offers competitive pay as well as new opportunities to develop and work with various technologies. Engineers use science, critical thinking, and mathematics to develop new ideas, products, and technologies, often to make life simpler or more efficient. Engineers will often specialize in one field, such as electrical, aerospace, mechanical, or civil engineering.

From Archimedes, who was a classical engineer to Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla to the modern household name Elon Musk, engineers are shaping the world one step at a time.

Engineers are the special spectrum of people who like to take things apart, put it back together and revel in that joyous moment of success. Yes, to the untrained eye, they just dissembled and assembled it back, but for an engineer, that moment where it is put back together is simply euphoric.

Obtaining a degree in engineering can be a rewarding career move, opening many new doors for employment. Because the engineering field holds diverse career opportunities, individuals can seek employment as a:

Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Environmental Engineer
Aircraft/Aerospace Engineer

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