While cell phones have made it easier than ever to keep in touch they also have many well documented negative effects.

- Captain Obvious

Cell Phone Technology




WiMAX is very similar to LTE (which is formally named E-UTRA, a standard developed by 3GPP, and stands for Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access). Both are designed for the same range of bandwidths. The basic design is fairly similar, however details may differ. Based on slightly different choices of values for the OFDM-parameters we might say that Mobile WiMAX may have a better performance in “heavy” multipath, since the symbols and cyclic prefix are longer than for E-UTRA. On the other hand, this gives smaller sub-carrier distance which puts higher demands on frequency accuracies and smaller tolerance for Doppler spread in the channel. Mobile WiMAX uses more resources for pilots or reference signals which at least in theory should give more robust performance in difficult radio conditions. On the other hand, it consumes more radio resources and power than E-UTRA, which can result in loss in efficiency.

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